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Free Harm Reduction teleseminar with Kenneth Anderson and Beverly Buncher

October 26, 2011
Free Harm Reduction teleseminar with Kenneth Anderson and Beverly Buncher – Register now

Although conventional treatments based on the 12 steps have helped millions of people, the NIAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse) tells us that less than 20 % of people with Alcohol Dependence will recover via AA or a 12 step treatment program. Even though the majority of people with an addiction will eventually recover, there can be a tremendous amount of damage on the way.

Harm reduction offers a means of engaging people in the recovery process who object to conventional treatment programs because of either the abstinence requirement or the spiritual component. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of harm reduction interventions. Tonight Beverly’s guest Kenneth Anderson will be sharing with us the alcohol harm reduction strategies which he has written about in his book “ How to Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol” and which are used in the HAMS harm reduction support group.

Join Beverly and Kenneth as they discuss:

1. how demanding perfection can backfire and leave people worse off than before

2. how people are more successful when they choose the way they change themselves

3. how becoming a safer drinker is better than choosing not to change at all

4. how people who find they cannot stand AA may do better with another approach – and there are plenty!